A showreel

Full tou Riga - The City At Night

Music video for the single.

Nikos Tsiachris - Alcance

Music video for the first track from the album Alcance, 2016

Stella N. Christou - 2 Poppy Pedals

Music video for the last track from the album ΝΙ•ΚΟ, 2016

Blind Crossing

Documentary about people with impaired vision, 2015.
Athens International Film Festival 2015, Chalkida Greek Documentary Festival 2015.


I did some mashups of Greek and mostly American music. The result is said to be hilarious.

Kis Gabor

Mockumentary about the avant-garde hungarian artist Kis Gabor, 2010.
"Invisible Cities" exhibition at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Oct 2012 - Jan 2013, RE-culture Patra/ MOVING IMAGE 2, 2012

History of Mankind in 1 minute

History of Mankind in 1 minute, animation, 2010.
People's choice award at 6th Athens Animfest, 56th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2015, 70 years of Greek animation festival 2015


The depiction of the artist by himself. In this film I have tried to reveal the exquisite specifications of my personality, 2009
Animasyros 3.0, 6th Athens Animfest, Be there! Corfu Animation Festival, Rethymnon Days 2013, International Animation Day 2012 Tokyo and One Minute Film Festival Brazil